We are a team of multi-disciplinary specialists in acoustics, urban design, psychology, 4D / VR / AR and computer graphics providing professional services to create near-realistic aural and visual experience for designing, planning or engaging stakeholders in any built and natural environment projects.  Such experience can be deployed in mobile apps, goggles or cave systems.  For details of our services, you may download from here or email us at info@dingdingsound.com to let us know your project needs.

Next Generation Sound App – We have also developed the next generation VR soundscape design app for those of interest such as urban planners, architects to soundscape designers, etc.  Just sign up and express your interest.  

The Ding Ding Sound app includes Berlin and Hong Kong sites providing the landscape and soundscape to allow users to feel aurally and visually as if they were there. 

Mapping Global Soundscape – Like you, we are enthusiastic in characterising soundmarks in all parts of our world and produce soundmaps for sharing.  We present such findings in form of blog posts.  You are very welcome to provide your views, feedback, comments or suggestions.  Hope we can make our sound environment better and more interesting together.

The Ding Ding Sound app was first presented at the ASA meeting in Hawaii. 
The Ding Ding Sound app was first presented at the ASA meeting in Hawaii.

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